Comparison Between Family Dispute Resolution And Commercial Dispute Resolution

Every relationship has its limitations. No matter how much close are you with your loved ones but there come a time when you deeply feel hurt by their behaviour. Sometimes you come to the point where you and your loved one or your partner are unable to come to a common ground and this minute disagreement can lead to a greater dispute with the passage of time. If you want to end the dispute for the love of your family in case of family dispute or if you are not ready to affect your business anymore due to the dispute between you and your partner in case of commercial dispute then you must try your best to solve this matter. Obviously; it is not as easy to solve the disagreement which has been going on for long so you definitely need an involvement of a third party in it. This third party is neutral party who tries his best to make sure that both of the parties are satisfied with the final decision. In this article; we will be discussing about the comparison between family dispute resolution and commercial dispute resolution.

Dispute resolution and its types:

Dispute resolution is the process of solving the dispute among two parties for the sake of business or for the love of family. This process of dispute resolution needs an involvement of a third party that makes neutral decision after hearing the views and opinions of both the parties. The three main types of dispute resolution are mediation dispute resolution, arbitration dispute resolution and litigation dispute resolution. Mediation is the process in which things are solved through discussion in an amicable manner. Arbitration is the process in which less formal version of laws is used and in litigation things are taken down to the court room.

Comparison between family dispute resolution and commercial dispute resolution:

As the name implies; family dispute resolution involves the resolution of such matters which arise within a family. These matters may vary from the separation to child custody. If you want to keep your relationship healthy with your loved one even after the disagreement then you must opt for the mediation process. Arbitration and litigation dispute resolution processes are mostly used in the commercial dispute resolution. It is the process in which disagreements that arise within a companay are solved by the involvement of third party like breach of contract.


Many a times we are faced with disputes and quarrels either within our family members or between the partners of a same company. These differences obviously arise due the difference of opinions. Such disputes can be solved by carrying out the process of mediation dispute resolution, arbitration dispute resolution or litigation dispute resolution. If you want to take services for family dispute resolution or for commercial dispute resolution in melbourne then “Anytime mediation” is the best places to contact with who are expert in give professional services.