Property Lawyers

In most countries acquiring land or property is myriad of steps that involve acquiring and signing documents. Many of these documents are not simply worded and have to be obtained and specific government buildings. As most persons know that irrelevant of the country obtaining any documents require dealing with government bureaucracy. Dealing with government bureaucracy is almost never simple or timely, so it always best to have legal help of someone familiar with the process of transferring ownership of property or land.

The lawyers who are specialist in this area are typically called conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne. They specialize in the legal aspects of buying and selling of land and property. This person is at times also a solicitor but it does not mean that they are the same. In many countries they are specific bodies set up to officiate and oversee the actions of these lawyers. The regulators ensure that the lawyers operate in a fair manner, do not falsely represent their clients, and most of all do not still the clients with hidden fees to pay. In some countries, such as the US, the lawyers must have a special insurance which protects the parties involved from any mistakes made by the lawyers.

Job details

Though these are highly trained people they do make mistakes and it would help the buyer or seller to know the specific areas they should look for. All these areas are part of the conveyancing that is done by the lawyer. Take time to read this page about conveyancing in Craigieburn.

  • It is their job to ensure that all taxes are paid on the property before the buyer receives it.
  • They need to check heritage orders
  • The lawyer needs to check if there is any back money owed on the property. So if the seller has any outstanding mortgage on the property it is the lawyer who is to let the buyer know of this.
  • Most importantly the lawyer needs to ensure that the seller is legally entitled to sell the land. It is very painful if the buyer midway through the process finds that he may have to abandon the buy because the seller does not have all legal rights to the property or land.

Documents needed to start

Before you contact your lawyer however, you need to make sure you have a few key documents. A building certificate to show that all is legal and complying with the laws. Then the buyer needs to bring the surveyors report. It depends on the customs of the land though as to who would pay for the surveyors’ service. Also all the necessary certificates in regards to zoning, land and property tax and any other documents that would relate to any special features of the land.

You also need to know how to pay for the services for these lawyers. There fees in many cases is normally a percentage of the property’s purchase price. Other fees are also added for other services that they provide. In some countries there may be a flat price. So unless you yourself are one of these lawyers or has a precise knowledge of the process it is always advisable to get the legal help of these lawyers.