Unsavoury Characters

Criminal lawyer have to deal with all sorts of unsavoury characters, people that they know for sure committed the crime they are accused of and no matter how bad the crime, how horrific the circumstances, it is still their job to make sure the person gets their day in court and that it is a fair trial. It must be very difficult to represent someone who has been leaving bodies up and down the coastline, to be near someone who thinks it is perfectly alright to chow down on the tourists every now and again. At one time it would have been argued that the person was not in their right mind but as time moves on and we learn more and more about mental illnesses, we come to understand that some individuals are perfectly capable of living normal lives and even have families and in their spare time kidnap a hitchhiker or three and leave them in a shallow grave somewhere.

These are the scary ones, the ones that can pass themselves off as a normal person and then wear someone else’s skin as a hat on Saturdays. In the average career of a traffic offence lawyers in Adelaide it would be rare for them to have to defend someone of this calibre and instead they are stuck with the everyday break and enters, murders, rapes, child molestation and assaults. The usual trash that human beings do to each other on a daily basis, we are a fine breed, a species that even though has its fine points is overshadowed by the horrors that seem to go on every day and that the rest of us are becoming so immune to.

It must be nice for a lawyer to come across someone who is actually innocent of the crime they have been accused of committing and a breath of fresh air in the otherwise fetid stench of cruelty and selfishness. That is what crimes are, an act of selfishness, there is no thought as to what the consequences are of the actions that they have taken. That the person they have hurt or killed, that the belongings they have stolen are going to impact on another person, all they are worried about is what they get out of the moment and how their life is improved by the offense.

As with anything, there are shades of grey, nothing is ever black and white no matter how much people may protest, a woman who is repeatedly beaten may one day snap and take the frying pan to the husbands head. She killed him without a doubt but whether she deserves to go to jail is another matter, she has already done her time by being repeatedly abused but she still needs to be made accountable for her actions. This is where the criminal lawyer comes into their own by using arguments and precedents to get the minimum sentencing for clients that may have otherwise been completely harmless. A day in court can be the ultimate circus and you want to make sure the lawyer you get is the ringmaster.